Solved and Sealed

A series of six short animations showcasing the different ways Apple Rubber has found sealing solutions to help customer’

Seal Design Guide

A short recurring animation series for Apple Rubber to accompany social posts promoting their Seal Design Guide. It’s ma

Motion Reel

Additional Stuff and Things


An in-progress design and Illustration project for an animal themed hotel boardgame. More to come on this – but the mean

Vintage of Aquarius

Vintage of Aquarius is a vintage clothing and home goods brand that specializes in pieces from the 60s and 70s era. My goal wa

‘Product Spotlight’ Series

A fun short animation series for Apple Rubber promoting and showcasing some of the unique O-ring seals they offer. What’

Rants on Fire

Logo commission for a comedy podcast called “Rants on Fire” “Two lifelong friends in their mid-twenties with

Allentown Art Festival

Poster submission for the 2023 Allentown art festival in Buffalo, NY.

Improv-athon Rebrand

This is a class project focused on festival rebranding. This project redesigns the branding for ComedySportz Buffalo’s 4

Student Sale Poster

I had the privilege of being asked to work on a commissioned piece for the SUNY Buffalo State Art and Design Program’s 2

Misc. Illustrations

Frame-by-Frame Animation

This series of animations was an experiment in my motion graphics class with frame-by-frame animation and layering different a

Top Flight Brewery

Top Flight was a class assignment where we were tasked with of designing for a conceptual company. Top Flight is a beer compan